Friday, 2 February 2007

Well the bet period has started and things are starting to happen.

I must admit I couldn't resist doing my little bit.... the idea of Jerry and his friends having to get their kit off if enough people joined the MH forum was just too much.... but you will have to look at the site to see what I mean.
More news as things develop

Sunday, 28 January 2007

The Rules

So here is a bit more about the Rules for this strange bet:

1. The bet will last for 100 days from 1 Feb 2007 (Any days when the server is down do not count).
2. New Members will only be counted if they make at least one post on the forum.
3. If Jerry loses the bet he has to appear in a porn movie with another 3 guys and 6 girls.
4. For every 100k Members that join and post in the forum a picture will be postd of one of the people who will appear in the movie. That person will be holding a banner saying "".
5. There will be one move with guys and girls and one with girls only.
6. The movies will be available to download free to anyone over the age of 18.

Not long til 1st February - Its anytbody's guess what will happen then. I know that the guy who made the bet with Jerry is ready to spread the word and get loads of people to join Jerry's site.

More soon.

Saturday, 20 January 2007

More about that "One Million Bet"

Well I hear that the guy who made the bet with Jerry is setting out his strategy for spreading the word about the site.

Already there are members from more than 50 countries and even though the bet hasn't officially started membership has increased steadily since my last post.

Not only that, just in case he loses the bet, Jerry has recruited some friends who say they will help him out in that film... They are all young people from eastern europe and you know how good looking they all are!!

More news soon.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

The One Million Bet

A friend of mine (his name is Jerry) has told me about this crazy bet.

He runs this cool forum which he has just rebuilt. As part of the rebuild all the membership records were deleted, so at the start of this year he had no members (but lots of the old members who knew about the forum and were very keen to rejoin).
By mid January the membership had risen to over 700, and he was talking to another mate of his who made a bet that he could get ONE MILLION members to join the forum in only 100 days!!!

That sounds really crazy and Jerry thought so too.

So Jerry told his friend that if membership didn't get over 1 million his friend would have to pay for a good holiday for all the forum moderators. His friend agreed as long as if Jerry lost he would feature in an "adult" film with some sexy girls and the film would be available to all the members that wanted to see it!!!! These guys are mad.....

I'll let you know more as things develop.

Oh, and by the way, the name of the forum is